Regular Class Cards are good for one full year.   To extend a class card that does expire please come in to talk to our front desk staff or email  After the purchase of one regular drop-in pass the staff can extend your card for 3 additional months.

If you are interested in a private or group  private yoga class in the studio or in your home contact

Yoga - For all Yoga Classes including Kids. One year expiration.

Monthly auto renew $175
This series renews automatically every month. It will renew 12 times.. It can be cancelled.
$175.00 /month
5 class card
Expires in 12 months.
10 class card
Expires in 12 months
$50 5 Class Special - people new to Mandala only.
Only for students new to Mandala expires 90 days from date of purchase and can not be extended. Available to purchase from September 13 - March 30 only.
20 class card
Expires in 12 months
3 month unlimited
40 class card
Expires in 12 months
One year unlimited
This series renews automatically every 12 months. It will renew 2 times.. It can be cancelled.
$1,400.00 /year
Monthly unlimited

Community - $10 class

Community Yoga Class Dropin

Special Class

Mandala Book Club
The Mandala Book Club is a way to take this practice off the mat and into our community. To raise our awareness of the issues and challenges of our locale and to hear from the people working hard to overcome them. It is free and open to everyone!
Advancing Your Yoga- Supta Everything
Led by Stacy Haessler, this workshop will explore the more challenging asanas without ever having to leave the floor.
Advancing Your Yoga- Inversions
Join Frances Jones for a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to know to feel safe, confident and joyful in the advanced arm balances, headstands and handstands.
The Inner Spiritual Dimensions of Essential Oils
Let David Crowe, founder of Floracopeia essential oils, practitioner of Ayurveda and chinese medicine lead you through an experiential exploration of essential oils through visualizations and sense focused meditation.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

$250 is non-refundable.
Full Payment minus deposit
Full payment of $3800 ($500 deposit + $3300) must be completed by August 30th.
4 part payment plan
This series renews automatically every 2 months. It will renew 4 times.. It can not be cancelled.
$875.00 /2 months

Tim Feldmann Immersion Weekend - June 26-28

Full Weekend Immersion Package
Integrating Breath and Bandhas
You will learn simple breathing to help your body find deep support and true strength, for your mind to settle into one-pointed focus and to free your body.
Primary Series Guided Class
The original Vinyasa method, this thread of unbroken movements, mindful breathing and a defined gazing points, opens us up to experience the meditative mind while building a healthy, flexible and strong body. 
Sthira Sukham & Backbending
In this class you will begin to explore your natural potential for deep backbends with simplicity, safety, support and enthusiasm.
Inversions, Headstands & Arm Balances
In this workshop you will learn practical tools to turn upside down with stability, tranquility and grace.

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